Chuuk EPA and Xavier High School receive grants from Embassy of Japan in the FSM


Ambassador of Japan in the FSM, Eiichi Suzuki travelled to Chuuk to sign grant contracts to Chuuk EPA and Xavier High School. One grant was signed over to Chuuk EPA in the amount of $99,263 through Japan’s Grant Aid Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects for two garbage collection cars with spare parts and its maintenance training for implementing and effective garbage collection system.


Chuuk joins the world-wide fight against pollution and to have a good quality waste management system is one of the issues for all governments across the world. Ambassador Suzuki stated that “unsuccessful maintenance of waste will have a negative impact on the tourism industry”. Mr. Kenichi Maekawa, a JICA volunteer was also a key supporter in the realization of this project.


Governor Johnson Elimo also gave remarks at the ceremony and conveyed the state of Chuuk’s gratitude to the Government of Japan for its assistance in the area of waste management as it is a serious problem in Chuuk and the donated cars will improve the waste management system in Weno.


Present at the ceremony were Governor Johnson Elimo and Lt. Governor Ritis Heldart, other government officials, as well as staff and board members of EPA.


Second, Xavier High School was once again a recipient of a grant from Japan for “the Project for School Transportation Support to Xavier High School Students” in the amount of $103,690.  Xavier administration voiced their concern over the security of the girls who attend Xavier High school as they are off-campus students and Japanese government responded by granting two school buses and a four wheel van. Xavier High School was recently a recipient of another project in 2009 to renovate a chapel into a student center.


In his remarks, Ambassador Suzuki maintained that “a good education system results in more opportunities for a people to experience and contribute to improve a society and country” and shared a famous quote by former UN Secretary –General Kofi Anan: “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”


In response, the Director of Xavier High School, Fr. Richard McAuliff presented Xavier High School’s appreciation to the Embassy of Japan for the various assistances that they have presented to Xavier High School in spite of the great tragedy that struck Japan in March.


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