H.E. Eiichi Suzuki’s Induction


On April 29, 2011 the Embassy of Japan held a gathering for the introduction of H.E Eiichi Suzuki as Ambassador of Japan to the FSM. Ambassador Suzuki arrived in the FSM in February with his wife and presented his credentials to FSM President Mori on April 04, 2011. In his remarks, Ambassador Suzuki relayed on behalf of the Japanese Government as well as himself heartfelt gratitude for the immense support and donations from the government and people of the FSM following the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck Japan in March. So far the Embassy has received donations from government officials, church organizations, NGOs, as well as private donations from individuals.


The FSM Government was represented by the Hon. Lorin S. Robert who also presented a speech welcoming the Ambassador’s induction and touched on topics such as the intertwined history of the FSM and Japanese people that has served to strengthen the present friendly and goodwill relations between two countries. He also emphasized the importance of continuing and strengthening the FSM and Japan relationship during the tenure of Ambassador Suzuki. 


The event was very successful with guests from various circles of the national and state governments, government agencies, diplomatic corps, international organizations, the Japanese community, and private businesses.


 Ambassador & Secretary

                                         (Ambassador & Mrs. Suzuki, and Secretary and Mrs. Lorin)   


 Secretary Lorin Robert    Ambassador Suzuki

(Secretary Lorin Robert)                                                     (Ambassador Suzuki)


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