H.E. Presents His Credentials to FSM President Mori

H.E. Masaki Sakai presented his credentials to FSM President Mori at the President’s Conference Room in Palikir.on May 30, 2014. Ambassador Sakai arrived in Pohnpei on May 23 and lately has spent his days in Pohnpei familiarizing himself with what will be his home for the next several years. Following the ceremony and Ambassador Sakai continued in a more personal setting where the two of them freely spoke of their aims for the continued strengthening of the two countries’ ties of friendship or “Kizuna.”


The ceremony was witnessed by members of the Presiden’t Cabinet, the Hon. Secretary Lorin Robert, Deputy Secretary Mr. Samson Pretrick, FSM Ambassador to United States H.E. Asterio Takesy, Resident Representative of JICA Mr. Kaoru Iwasaki, Resident Representative of OFCF Mr. Takashi Nagura, members of FSM-Japan Friendship Society, other government officials and staff of the Embassy.


Ambassador Sakai joined Government of Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 1981 and since then has held various posts in the Ministry. Prior to being appointed Ambassador to FSM, he was Director-General, Minister’s Secretariat in Tokyo.



(left) H.E. President Emmanuel Manny Mori (right) H.E. Ambassador Masaki Sakai



Credectials ceremony at President's Conference Room



(from left) H.E. President Mori, H.E. Ambassador Sakai, Madam Nobuko Sakai

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