COM-FSM Receives Grant from Japan

On March 18 2014 the College of Micronesia-FSM was granted a project in the total amount of $120,569 under Japan’s Grassroots Human Security Projects to construct a quality, all-purpose field for playing sports such as soccer and other field sports as well as other health promoting activities.

The project comes at an appropriate time when the FSM, most especially Pohnpei as the host country, is preparing for the 8th Micro Games and soccer is to be one of the sports played in the field. Among the main basis of this project is to address the rising health problems in FSM or Pohnpei due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. These diseases could otherwise been prevented or slowed down if the appropriate means of prevention were practiced. The field can be a means of promoting healthy lifestyles through activities such as walking, jogging, running, or playing outdoor sports.

Mr. Robert Spegal gave short remarks on behalf of Pohnpei State Government, stating that this project will enable the College not only to provide academic support but physical as well. Following Mr. Spegal, Dr. Joseph Daisy, President of COM-FSM also gave his remarks touching on the historical ties between FSM and Japan and the impact of the Government of Japan’s assistance in the FSM. He continued to stress the College’s profound gratitude and affirmed commitment to see this project through to its finish. Finally, Ambassador Eiichi Suzuki gave his remarks and expressed his delight that this project has finally been kicked off and his hopes that it will be completed in time for the 8th Micro Games which will be held in Pohnpei in July this year.

The ceremony was held at the COM-FSM National Campus and Ambassador Eiichi Suzuki signed over the project to recipient Dr. Joseph Daisy, President of COM-FSM National Campus. The room was fully packed with the staff assisting in clearing the area where the field will be situated a well as faculty members, and students.



President Daisy(left)and Ambassador Suzuki(right)signing grant contract



President Daisy giving a speech



Ambassador Suzuki giving a speech



Picture of attendees / Ambassador Suzuki (center), President Daisy (right)
Mr. Robert Spegal, CEO - 8th Micronesia Games Organizing Committee (left)

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