Japan Grants Multi-Purpose Facility to Support Youth Education in Chuuk State

On February 8, 2014, the Chuuk Women’s Council in Chuuk was once again a receiver of a grant to build a second-floor on the existing Shinobu M. Poll Memorial Center. The grant in the amount of $117, 140 was granted under Japan’s Grassroots Human Security Projects.

The efforts of the members of Chuuk Women’s Council should be applauded since they have involved members of the government and communities in their activities, and have made good use of the center. The second floor will be used mainly for youth activities to promote and support education in Chuuk.

Counselor Masaki Tani was in Chuuk as the representative of the Embassy of Japan to sign over the grant, and it was received by President Christina Kiki Stinnett.

The ceremony was witnessed by The Hon. Governor Johnson Elimo and he expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the assistance received from the Government of Japan.

Government officials, members of Chuuk Women’s Council, and members of the community were also present at the ceremony.



Counselor Tani (left) and President Christina Stinnett (right)



The Hon. Governor Elimo giving a speech

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