Japan grants school buses to Chuuk High School students

On February 7, 2014 Chuuk High School received a grant amount of $104,287 through the Grassroots Human Security Projects for the procurement of 2 school buses.

Counselor Masaki Tani of the Embassy of Japan was in Chuuk as the representative of the Embassy of Japan to sign over this much-awaited project.

It was reported that Chuuk High School has an estimated amount of 1,100 students and a large number of them walk to school due to transportation problems. Sometimes when the weather is too harsh, many students do not attend school and school can even be cancelled due to low student attendance.

Counselor Tani stated in his remarks that he is optimistic that the use of these buses will have a positive impact on the students, teachers, and all the families that have students attending this school and continued to state that he was certainly proud that the Government of Japan was presented with this opportunity to be actively involved in the improvement of this country’s education system.

The ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Wilfred Robert, Chief of Staff in Chuuk, government officials, school officials, students, and families of students.



Mr. Paul Hadik, Principal of Chuuk High School (left) and Counselor Tani (right)



Students signing songs

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