Yap State’s New Semi-Aerobic Public Landfill from the Government of Japan

On February 11, 2014, the State of Yap celebrated with the Embassy of Japan the handing over of the project to improve Yap State’s Public Landfill using the Semi-Aerobic Fukuoka method. The project was initially signed over in July 2012 under Japan’s Human Grassroots Human Security Projects and the grant in the amount of $99,807 was provided. The technical support from Japanese Technical Cooperation Project for the Promotion of Regional Initiative on Solid Waste Management (J-PRISM) through JICA was also provided to the project.

Remarks were given by Counselor Masaki Tani who represented the Embassy of Japan stating that he wished the best for this project’s success and reaffirmed the government of Japan’s continuous desire to work closely with the FSM. The Hon. Governor Sebastian Anefal, Yap Environmental Protection Agency, which is the main recipient of this project, and the Department of Public Works & Transportation received the project on behalf of the government of Yap.

The ceremony was witnessed by The Hononorable congressmen Joseph Urusemal and Isaac Figir as well as government officials and staffs.



Ribbon cutting

The Hon. Governor Anefal (left), Counselor Tani (center), The Hon. Urusemal (right)



Overview of new landfill



Group picture with dignitaries and attendees

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