Ambassador Kagomiya’s visit to Yap (1)

Ambassador Kagomiya visited Chuuk state accompanied with his spouse from May 8 to 12. Ambassador Kagomiya paid a courtesy call on T.H. Charles Chieng, Governor of Yap state, T.H. Nicholas Figirlaawon, Speaker of the Yap state legislature. The handover ceremony for the provision of boats, generators, medical equipment, etc. through the Economic and Social Development Program was held at the Yap state government office. In addition, the handover ceremony for the provision of security fence for Gagil Elementary School through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects was held at the school. On behalf of the Yap state, Governor Chieng welcomed Ambassador Kagomiya’s visit to Yap and expressed his gratitude for economic assistance provided by the Government of Japan.

Courtesy call on Governor Chieng
Courtesy call on Speaker Mersai Speaker Figirlaawon
Worship at the war memorial in the State Legislature site
Handover Ceremony at Gagil Elementary School
Handover Ceremony at Governor Office
Boat provided by Japan