Ambassador Kagomiya explained Japanese scholarships at COM

Ambassador Kagomiya visited Ms. Silbanuz Phylis, Dean of COM, and Ms. Cynthia Edwin, Counselor of COM, on April 26, and Ms. Theresa Koroivulaono, the president of COM, on April 30 respectively to make an explanation about Japanese scholarship programs which are now open for application.
There are 4 scholarship programs as follows and the deadline for application for the academic year starting from April 2025 is June 3, 2024. For all of the following 4 schemes, students can take 1 year training of Japanese language in advance which starts April 2025, if necessary. Those who take this training are to start their ordinary university/college education a year later.
1)Scholarship for Undergraduate Students: 4 years (6 years for medical sciences)
2)Scholarship for College of Technology Students: 3 years
3)Scholarship for Specialized Training College Students: 2 years
4)Scholarship for Research Students (Graduate Level): 2 years
All of these scholarships cover almost all the majors of study. Living allowances and education fees for their terms of study including their Japanese language trainings, and return travelling expenses between the FSM and Japan are to be provided.
For 1), 2) and 3) above, those who have completed 12 years of schooling or the equivalent can apply. The written examination and interviews will be held at the Embassy on June 11. The subjects of examination are Japanese, English and Mathematics while some courses for 1) and 2) additionally require Chemistry, Physics and/or Biology examinations. The total score matters.
Now Embassy of Japan is strongly encouraging FSM youths to apply for these scholarships. For this sake, Ambassador visited COM to make an explanation and the Embassy is now approaching various schools and institutions.
Further information and application forms can be found in the HP of the Embassy.
The Embassy of Japan will heartily welcome your applications.
Ambassador with Ms. Silbanuz Phylis and Ms. Cynthia Edwin