Visit of Ambassador Kagomiya to TMC Swine Feed Project

On April 10, 2024, Ambassador Kagomiya visited the fish processing plant of Taiyo Micronesia Corporation (TMC), which manufactures swine feed, in order to observe the JICA Partnership Program “Project for Dissemination of Swine Feed through Processing of Fishery Residues in Micronesia”.
The project aims to make an effective use of previously discarded fish, such as blemished fish and bycatch from TMC's fishing operations, to produce and sell high-quality, safe feed for swine. In the Federated States of Micronesia, it is common for each household to raise swine at home, which are cooked and served to attendees on the occasion of celebrations and funerals. Therefore, swine feed is a necessity for the people of this country. In addition to copra, assorted feed is often used, but the latter is currently dependent on imports, and its price is rising every year.
Ambassador Kagomiya was given a detailed explanation of the project by Project Officer Mr. Sakino while observing the production process of the swine feed.
The Micronesian swine feed is already on sale.
Manufactured Pig Feed
Explanation from Mr. Sakino
Group Photo