Ambassador Kagomiya’s visit to Chuuk(Part1)

Ambassador Kagomiya visited Chuuk state accompanied with his spouse from March 17. Ambassador Kagomiya paid a courtesy call on T.H. Alexander Narruhn, Governor of Chuuk state, T.H. Lester Mersai, Speaker of the House of Representatives, T.H. Wisney Nakayama, Vice President of the House of Senate, and T.H. Jayson Robert, Chief Justice of Chuuk State Supreme Court. The joint handover ceremony for the current three economic assistance projects was held at the Chuuk state government office. On behalf of the Chuuk state, Governor Narruhn welcomed Ambassador Kagomiya’s visit to Chuuk and expressed his gratitude for economic assistance provided by the Government of Japan.
Courtesy call on Chief Justice Robert
Governor Narruhn and Ambassador Kagomiya
Courtesy call on Speaker Mersai and Vice President Nakayama