Visit of Yaizu Fisheries High School Training Ship “Yaizu” to Pohnpei

On February 23, Ambassador Kagomiya embarked on the training ship “Yaizu”, which visited Pohnpei in the middle of its training voyage, and greeted students and instructors of Yaizu Fisheries High School. The students sailed “Yaizu” to the Pacific Ocean for the pole and line fishing training and arrived at the port of Pohnpei on the 22nd.

Ambassador Kagomiya gave his warm welcome and encouragement to high school students, after which the student representatives expressed their appreciation for the Ambassador's visit.

The students enjoyed a sports exchange programs with high school students in Pohnpei, and visited an archaeological site in Nan Madol. They are planning to set sail on the 25th to continue their voyage until returning Yaizu, while receiving practical training on navigation techniques and ship's engine maintenance.
Training Ship Yaizu
Ambassador and Students
Student Representative
Ambassador and Captain Hiroshi Sato