Virtual Signing Ceremony of the Grant Contract for the Project for “Oil leakage countermeasure project from WW II Wrecks of Chuuk State”

On February 14, 2024, Ambassador Kagomiya Nobuo and Mr. Kishikawa Kimihiko, President of Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS) signed the grant contract totaling 672,074 US dollars for oil Leakage Countermeasure Project from WW II Wrecks of Chuuk State.
The objective of this project is to take responsive measures, knowing the updated information on the shipwrecks, to oil leakage from Japanese ships which had sunken during the World War II and eroded with lapse of long time thereafter, because the leakage is likely to give negative effect on the natural environments of Truk Atoll.
While Mr. Kishikawa expressed his wish to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries through this project, Ambassador Kagomiya held in high esteem achievements of the project so far and encouraged JMAS to pay due attention to safety and achieve a good result of the project, as the FSM has high expectations for this project.