Visit to Yap by Ambassador Michigami

     Ambassador Michigami visited Yap from August 13. This visit was the first in three years due to the pandemic. Ambassador Michigami met and talked with Governor Chieng, Speaker Figirlaarwon, and the members of the Yap State Legislature. Ambassador also visited St. Mary elementary school, where the Government of Japan provided assistance, and the Fisheries and Maritime Institute, where JICA has been conducting technical assistance, and received a warm welcome from students and local residents.

     They expressed their appreciations on this visit and the support that lasted long years from Japan, and emphasized the historical and cultural relationship between Japan and Yap. Ambassador Michigami expressed his motivation for further development of inter-governmental relations and economic cooperation as well as people-to-people exchange through students, tourism, and business. State government leaders, officers, and students who currently visited to Japan also attended the welcoming dinner hosted by Governor.
Governor Cheing and Ambassador Michigami
Speaker Figirlaarwon and Ambassador Michigami
Chief of Litigation Subolmar and Ambassador Michigami
Visit to St.Mary Elementary School
Talk with students
Visit to the Fisheries and Maritime Institute