Japanese Speech Contest at CCA

   In the afternoon of Thursday 20 May 2021, Mr. Sobashima Hidenobu, Ambassador of Japan to the Federated States of Micronesia observed a Japanese language class at Calvary Christian Academy (CCA), Pohnpei, accompanied by Mrs. Virginia John, Principal of the school.
   On that day that Japanese language class hosted by Mrs. Sumiyo Ito, conducted a Japanese Speech contest.
   12 girls and boys made the same speech, explaining “Sakura Zensen” or the movement of the cherry blossom blooming line from south to north in Japan in Japanese.
   Ambassador Sobashima, Mrs. Ito, Mr. Kazuto Ito, husband of Mrs. Ito, and also a Japanese teacher, Ms. Meyren Wichep, CCA graduate and currently a COM student, and Ms. Airi Iizuka, Researcher and Advisor of the Embassy of Japan gave their marks to all contestants.
   The three best contestants received from Ambassador Sobahsima, as their award, a couple pieces of stationary made in Japan.
   Ambassador Sobashima commended all students who made speech in Japanese for their efforts.
He said that all speeches were good, but as he had to differentiate, he severely examined light mistakes to choose the best, and encouraged the students to work harder to become even better speakers of Japanese.
The Markers and CCA Students
CCA Student Giving a Japanese Speech
Comments by Ambassador Sobashima to CCA Student
Group Photo