The Aroma and Taste that signifies Awamori. This is how to enjoy it!

     Awamori is a traditional Okinawan liquor that has some 600 years’ history. In the Edo period, it was used as a gift of dedication to the Shogunate. Since then, it is known as a hard liquor favored for its "strength". There are 47 Awamori distilleries in Okinawa Prefecture, and it is said that there are hundreds if not thousands of brands. There are differences in the Aroma and Taste as well as the number of brands, and the way of feeling also changes depending on the way of drinking. In the Awamori flavor wheel that summarizes the types of aroma and flavor that can be felt from Awamori, expressions such as "fruity", "nutty", "vanilla" and "oily" are mentioned in 49 different words. Click here to learn more about Awamori and the tips of how to enjoy it!