Konan City Students Visit the Embassy of Japan in Pohnpei


A group of 10 students from Konan City, Aichi Prefecture in Japan paid a visit to Ambassador Eiichi Suzuki at the Embassy of Japan in the FSM. The students were accompanied by four chaperones and they arrived in Pohnpei on August 18, 2013. Their first visit was to Pohnpei Island Central School (PICS) and the Group Leader. Mr. Motoyasu Iinuma stated that they were met with warm hospitality.


Ambassador Suzuki gave a brief description about the history between Japan and FSM and how Pohnpei has adopted some Japanese terms for everyday use such as “yakyuu”(baseball) and “undoukai”(field day). The students and chaperons had inquiries about Embassy operations and the number of Japanese residents in the FSM. Another teacher noticed that the rice in Pohnpei tasted very similar to rice in Japan! The group is scheduled to visit various significant landmarks in Pohnpei such as the Nan Madol Ruins and many more.





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