Grand Opening of Women’s Interest Facility in Chuuk


More than 400 people gathered in Nepukus Village on Weno Island, Chuuk State on Friday, November 25, 2011, to help celebrate the grand opening of the Shinobu M. Poll Memorial Center.


The property on which this facility sits was donated to the Chuuk Women’s Council (CWC) about 2 years ago by former CWC President and civic leader Shinobu M. Poll.  Then, the Japan Government donated $97,000 for the construction of this 2,600 square foot women’s interest center which will now be home base for the Chuuk Women’s Council, the umbrella organization for 64 separate Chuukese women’s organization State-wide.


This new facility includes a large business office with a handicraft work & display area, 2 staff offices, a media room, 2 medical/consultation offices, a full kitchen, a large conference room, and restrooms.  


Speakers on this beautiful day of celebration included Ms. Kiki Stinnett, President of the Chuuk Women’s Council, His Excellency Alik Alik,Vice President of the FSM, the Honorable Johnson Elimo, Governor of Chuuk State, Eiichi Suzuki, Japan Ambassador to the FSM,and others.


All speakers paid tribute to the elder generation of Chuukese women who laid the foundation and paved the way for the women of today and commented on this historic event that provides the Chuuk Women’s Council with a facility that will help promote the many activities and projects of the CWC are currently involved with and foster growth for future projects aimed at improving the health, education, and social welfare of all the communities in Chuuk.


Prayers were offered before, during and after the celebration by Pastor Yosta Lodge, Pastor Sataichy Roby, and Pastor Jody Colson.  All those in attendance either enjoyed or participated in the singing by the women and there was more food than could be eaten on this day of celebration.


His Excellency Eiichi Suzuki joined Chuuk State Governor Johnson Elimo and CWC President Kiki Stinnett in cutting the ribbon of the main entrance into the Shinobu M. Poll Memorial Center and then everyone enjoyed a tour of this new women’s interest facility.


All in all it was a great day of fellowship, speeches, singing, ceremony, and eating great food.  Many of the 400 plus attendees saw this facility for the first time and were impressed with the construction, the quality of work, the ceramic tiles, high ceiling, the overall layout. 


It was pointed out by several speakers that the transition from construction to operations will require support for essential requirements such as power and communication and the CWC is seeking assistance in these two critical areas.  CWC President mentioned the generous donation of $2,000 by the Bank of Guam which has already been spent to purchase 14 tables, 50 chairs for the conference room, and the signs displayed on the outside of the facility.






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