Ambassador Sakai paid courtesy calls to important dignitaries in state of Pohnpei

On February 10, Ambassador Sakai paid courtesy calls to newly inaugurated Pohnpei State Governor Mr. Peterson, Lt. Governor Mr. Oliver, Chief of Staff Mr. Saimon, Speaker Mr. Scaliem, Vice Speaker Mr. Soram and Kolonia Town Mayor Mr. Nihcolas.
Ambassador Sakai, among other matters, exchanged their views over the most recent situation of Dekehtik port expansion project with Governor and Speaker. He also discussed waste management policies with Kolonia Town Mayor

(left) Governor Mr. Peterson (right) Ambassador Sakai

(left) Ambassador Sakai (right) Chief of Staff Mr. Saimon

(left) Ambassador Sakai (right) Lt. Governor Mr. Oliver

Vice Speaker Mr. Soram(left), Ambassador Sakai(middle), Speaker Mr. Scaliem

Ambassador Sakai, Kolonia Town Mayor Mr. Nihcolas