Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the Project for Construction of Multipurpose Center in Sokehs Municipality, Pohnpei State

   On February 17, 2016, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for The Project for Construction of Multipurpose Center in Sokehs Municipality, Pohnpei State which provided US$194,628 for Department of Education, Pohnpei State under Grant Assistance for Cultural Grass-roots Projects.

   Due to weather conditions in Pohnpei, people had hard time in finding a place to hold youth’s sports activities and community’s cultural events. Popular sports competitions, such as basketball and volleyball, and traditional cooking workshops are planned to be held in the new multipurpose gymnasium. The objective of this project aligns with Japan’s “Sport for Tomorrow” diplomatic policy, which aims to promote and enhance sports activities around the world for upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

  In his turn-over speech, Ambassador Masaki Sakai expressed his sincere hope that the multipurpose center will support students and people in the community to share important moments in their lives. The multipurpose center was filled with lots of smiley faces, which promise a growth of KIZUNA (strong bonds) between the FSM and Japan in the future. Followed by the speech, a ribbon cutting was carried out by Ambassador Masaki Sakai, the Hon. Lorin Robert, Secretary of FSM Department of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Marcelo Peterson, Governor of the Pohnpei State Government, Mr. Destry Tom, Acting Director of Pohnpei Department of Education, the Hon. Rensper Liwy, Senator of Sokehs, and Mr. Nixon Ludwig, President of Sekere Community Youth Association. Mr. Destry Tom.
   The ceremony was witnessed by staffs of the Pohnpei State Government, principal and students of the school, embassy staffs, and people of the Sekere community.

Multipurpose Center in Sokehs Municipality

ODA Sign Board

State Anthem


Ambassador Masaki Sakai Giving a Speech

Handover of Big Key

Ceremonial Toss of Basketball by Ambassador Sakai

Many Guests Cerebrated Inauguration