Parliamentary Delegation of the House of Councilors from Japan Visited Pohnpei

   From December 18th to 21st , Parliamentary Delegation of the House of Councilors visited Pohnpei to research Japan’s Official Development Assistance. The delegation consists of 4 members; Mr. Kiyomi AKAISHI, The Leader of the delegation, Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Mr. Masahiro ISHII, Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Mr. Hiroyuki NAGAHAMA, The Assembly of New Green Wind and Mr. Kotaro TATSUMI,Japanese Communist Party. They observed 2 of the cargo and passenger vessels, Solar Panels at the President Office and medical equipments at Pohnpei State Hospital, which were all provided by Japan. Pohnpei International Airport, Pohnpei State Hospital and Dump Site were also visited and explanation of the sites were offered by directors of the each sites and JICA volunteers.
   They paid a courtesy call on President Christian and had a meeting with Secretary Robert and Secretary Weilbacher. They also paid a courtesy call on Vice Speaker Martin, Sen. Urusemal and Sen. Perman at National Congress. The delegation members received warm welcome to Micronesia by getting the traditional shell necklace as a present and great appreciation toward the Japan’s ODA. They also visited a war memorial and offered flowers to the fallen soldiers.
   On the last day, the delegation members were invited to Ants Atoll by President Christian. President arrived Ants Atoll before they arrived and gave them a surprise by showing holding fish which President himself caught in the morning. President made sashimi and grilled fish in foil and served to the delegation. They were deeply impressed by President’s performance and hospitality from FSM.
   Ambassador Sakai held reception on 18th and 19th. President Christian, Secretary Robert and Sen. Urusemal attended on the 18th, and JICA Volunteers attended on the 19th, and each of the delegation members exchanged opinions and had fruitful discussions with them.

In front of the Solar Panels provided by Japan (From left) Mr. Nagahama, Mr. Akaishi, Secretary Robert, Mr. Ishii and Mr. Tatsumi

At the Courtesy Call at the National Congress (From left) Mr. Ishii, Mr. Nagahama, Mr. Akaishi, Vice Speaker Martin, Sen. Urusemal and Mr. Tatsumi

Mr. Akaishi making a toast to Secretary Robert and Ambassador Sakai (From right, Mr. Nagahama, President Christian, Mr. Ishii, Mr. Tatsumi and Sen. Urusemal)

Ambassador Sakai and President Christian holding a plate of sashimi