Handover Ceremony for the Project for Enhancing Recycling System in Pohnpei State

     On January 24, 2018, the Handover Ceremony was held at Kolonia Town for the Project for Enhancing Recycling System in Pohnpei State which provided Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Pohnpei State with US$76,616 under Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects in 2017.
This project has provided a 3 ton Truck with crane and a scale which improve a recycling system through EPA.  This Truck will be useful to transport all the materials from the redemption centers to the processing center. Also, many junk cars abandoned in a backyard or roadside will be disposed by using the truck. The Scale will be useful to weigh the materials at the centers. Therefore, this project is to expand the recycling operations and further clean- up programs in Pohnpei State.

     Ambassador Horie stated that this project will clean not only Kolonia town but also Pohnpei state to have a cleaner and more convenient place. He also mentioned about the PALM 8 to be held in May in Japan, an island leaders’ summit in Japan since one of the focused topics is an environmental issue in the summit. The Hon. Jose San Nicolas Mayor of Kolonia Town expressed his sincere gratitude to the people of Japan for the generous grant and for continuing a good relationship between the FSM and Japan. He stated that Kolonia Town will transfer into a clean living environment. The vision for clean environment revolves not only new development but putting together effort to rehabilitated history sites like the Hydro plant, ruins of the Japan era and Seidonokawa river. The Hon. Marcelo Peterson, Governor of the Pohnpei State Government expressed his deepest gratitude to Ambassador and people of Japan. He also stated that during his first term as Mayor of Kolonia Town he created this recycling program and that he is pleased that the program is expanding. 
     The ceremony was witnessed by Executive officer of EPA Susaia Henry, Environmental Specialist Joe Victor, the staffs of Pohnpei state, Environmental Protection Agency, Kolonia Town and the Embassy of Japan in the FSM.

Speech by Ambassador Horie

Speech by Mayor Nicolas

Speech by Governor Peterson

Handing over the keys

3 ton Truck with crane

Scale before assembly