Kosrae State Granted Medical Waste Incinerator from Embassy of Japan

On July 30, 2013 the handing over ceremony for a project granted to the Kosrae Government was held at the Kosrae State Hospital. The amount of $80,700 was granted to Kosrae to purchase a medical waste incinerator and also to fund the renovation of an incinerator shed where the machine will be housed.

Kosrae State reported that an incinerator was needed to replace the old machine currently being used that no longer can operate due to damage. The hospital had started to burn the medical waste in an open area but it is too dangerous for residents, patients, and employees to inhale the emissions from the fire and may lead to all types of diseases such as Hepatitis, AIDS, and many more because of the inability to burn the medical waste and the infectious materials properly.

The Government of Japan provided a grant through the Grassroots Human Security Projects to address the problem. This project will be very beneficial not only for the hospital but also countless others as it will improve the sanitation of the hospital and the environment as well.

Mr. Tsuneaki Sato, an official from the Embassy of Japan, presented the Project on behalf of the Embassy of Japan and Mr. Livinson A. Taulung, Director of Department of Health Services accepted on behalf of the Kosrae Government. Kosrae state has been the recipient of numerous grant aid projects from the Government of Japan and it speaks well for the binding relationship between the Government of the Federated States of Micronesia and Japan.


(left)Mr.Livinson Taulung, Director of the Department of Health Services (right)Mr.Tsuneaki Sato, Second Secretary, the Embassy of Japan

Mr.Sato giving a speech