Lunch Hosted by Ambassador Horie for Four Students Study Abroad to Japan

     On August 24th, Ambassador Horie and Mrs. Horie had a lunch with four students who will study in Japan and their supporters at his residence.
      Four students remarked their decisions for studying in Japan, future plans, and appreciations for families and others who support them.  Ambassador Horie and supporters encouraged them and said “Study hard, and please be a bridge between Japan and FSM.”
     After the lunch, they learned Japanese tea ceremony and made a tea by themselves.  
     Ms. Sasha Santiago and Ms. Diana Helgenberger, COM students will study at Ryukyu University in Okinawa for two semesters.
     Mr. Shaun Mingii and Ms. Liana Preston-Irons who were graduated from Xavier High School in Chuuk State will study at Sophia University in Tokyo for four years.
     All of them will leave for Japan this September.

All the people who attended the lunch.

A student made a speech. (Left: Ambassador Horie Right: Ms. Diana Helgenberger)

Tea Ceremony (Right: Ambassador Horie Left: Madam Horie)

Ambassador Horie explains how to drink a tea.