Ambassador Sakai’s official visit to Yap State between February 27 and March 5

    During his second official visit to Yap State, Ambassador Sakai  joined Yap Day Event on February 29 and March 1, and had meetings with Governor Mr. Tony Ganngiyan, Lt. Governor Mr. James Yangetinai, Speaker of State Legislature, Mr. Ted Rutun and others who expressed their sincere appreciation for Japan’s recent aids which may hardly be made by other than Japan and play a massive contribution to Yap State such as the provision of heavy equipment for maintaining roads and dumpsite and assistance in the area of waste management.

    Ambassador Sakai made a presentation on KIZUNA (Strong Bond) between the FSM and Japan at Dalipebinaw Community School and Gaanelay Community School, where JICA Volunteers teach mathematics, and COM-FMI, Yap Seventh-Day Adventist School and Yap Catholic High School.

In the presentations, students came to know that they were using many Japanese words in their daily conversation with much surprise.

Ambassador Sakai (Right) with Governor Ganngiyan (Left) in traditional wear at Maki on Yap Day

Ambassador Sakai (left), Speaker of state legistrature Mr. Rutun (middle)

Ambassador in Gaanelay Community School for KIZUNA Presentation

Ambassador in COM-FMI for KIZUNA Presentation