Training for Provided Excavators at Pohnpei Transportation Authority

   From September 12 to 14, 2016, training for recently provided new excavators was held at Pohnpei Transportation Authority. Through Japan’s Non-Project Grant Aid, 3 excavators were provided to PTA, Pohnpei, TPW (Transportation & Public Works) in Yap, and TPW (Transportation & Public Works) in Chuuk. Mr. Takase, a technician/trainer from Hitachi Corporation and Ms. Nemoto, a supplier of the Excavators came from Japan and hold the 3-days-training. Total 13 operators including PTA, Pohnpei and TPW, Yap participated the training.

   Ambassador Horie attended the training with Pohnpei States Governor Peterson. Later, he visited U Municipality and observed how the excavator was actually operated. The 35t gigantic excavator scooped large amount of dead coral from the sea and smoothly loaded them on land. The powerful and quick move of the excavator made all the observers at the site impressed.

   Mr. Swingly Poll, the technician from PTA mentioned that it used to take much effort and time to gather coral from the sea, which was used to fix and maintain the road, but it would be much easier to do it with the newly procured excavator. He also conveyed his gratitude to Ambassador Horie about Japan’s continuous cooperation for FSM’s economic and social development.



With A Recently Provided Excavator (35t) (From Left, Trainees from Yap and Pohnpei, Ms. Nemoto, PTA Commissioner Mr. Martin, Mr.Takase, Governor Peterson, Ambassador Horie and EOF Staff Mr. Oda)

Excavator scooping dead coral from the sea