Research Vessels “Keifu Maru” Inboard Tour

   After a long sail from Japan, Research Vessel “KEIFU MARU” arrived in Dekehtik Port in Pohnpei. It held Inboard Tour for COM students who study about marine science respectively on February 18, 2016.

   The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) operates two research vessels including “Keifu Maru” in the North-Western Pacific for maritime and meteorologic study purposes. It also operates in the seas adjacent to Japan. These Vessels mainly monitor large-scale, long-term variations of the environment.

   In-cabin researh laboratories which are fully equipped with high-tech measuring instruments carry out database analysis for ocean water, extract various scientific informations, such as a percentage of CO2 absorption on the ocean surface and other sorts of data deeply related to global warming and ocean oxidation.  These informations may be found on JMA’s website titled  ”Marine Check-Up Scores”.

   During the Tour, Captain Egashira from KEIFU MARU and Chief Scientist explained the workings of the vessel and research procedures. They toured the inbound facilities such as the control cabin, laboratory, operating room, and the sea water sampling machine (CTD). They also showed the visitors around the living space for sailors and researchers.

   The Evening after the Tour, Ambassador Sakai held fellowship reception for researchers and sailors.
The successful Tour had about 15 participants through good coordination between the Japan Meteorological Agency and the Japanese Embassy in FSM. 

COM students became earnest in focusing on cabin officer's briefing of maritime science mission

Resercher is explaining about sea water collecting apparatus

Researcher is presanting the procedure on how to analyze sea water

Captain Egashira, Senior Researcher Mr. Nakamura and COM students from Marine Science

Ambassador Sakai is mingling with Researcher and Sailors

Researchers and sailors are enjoying the fellowship reception at Ambassador's residence

Researchers and sailors are enjoying the fellowship reception at Ambassador's residence

mbassador Sakai is giving KIZUNA presentation to sailors and researchers