Participants of JENESYS 2015 Pay Courtesy Call on Ambassador Sakai

Ms. Richynne Gallen, Ms. Lynnsey Sigrah and Ms. Dorothy Sigrah, the participants of people-to-people exchange program between Japan and the Asia-Pacific region called “JENESYS 2015” paid a courtesy call on Ambassador Sakai on May 19, 2016.
JENESYS 2015 aims to promote a global understanding of Japan’s society, history, diverse culture, politics, and diplomatic relations, and total 7 students from FSM were sent to Japan under this program. The participants attended cultural workshops and home visits during 8 days and they also exchanged their cultures and traditional dances with other participants from more than 10 different countries.
During the courtesy call, the participants expressed their gratitude to be able to attend the program and excitingly explained to Ambassador what they experienced showing pictures they took in their visit in Tokyo and Wakayama prefecture. Being impressed by Japanese beautiful cultures, kindness of the people and sophisticated Japanese food, they shared their experiences at their school, COM (College of Micronesia) and it was a huge success. Ambassador Sakai expressed his gratification with their adventurous experiences and encouraged them to keep learning Japanese. Ambassador also expected them to share their experiences in Japan with others to become a bridge between FSM and Japan. During the courtesy call, certificates were given to the participants from Ambassador Sakai.
(JENESYS program sends about 3,000 people from Asia-Pacific region to Japan annually. High school and university students and after-graduates are eligible to participate this program. Details will be available the links below.)

Ms. Richynne Gallen, Ms. Lynnsey Sigrah and Ms. Dorothy Sigrah