Japanese student visited pohnpei in the Micronesia Experience Project

19 young students from all over Japan visited Pohnpei and enjoyed their stayed for a week. They joined the Micronesia Nature Experience Project which started in 2002 and has been funded by Children’s Dream Fund establisned with National Institute for Youth Education of Japan. Japanese children arrived on July 22 and received very warm welcome by many children in Pohnpei at the reception held at Pohnpei State Governor’s Conference room after they visited Japanese Ambassador’s residence. During their stay, they fully enjoyed variety of programs such as visit to Nanmadol ruins, Keproi Fall and nature experience on Narlup island. After having stayed at their host families, two countries’ children joined their farewell party and performed songs, dancing and storytelling. Japanese children left Pohnpei on July 28 with so much of fond memory of Pohnpei and strong friendship with children of Pohnpei. Welcome and farewell parties were attended by Japanese Ambassador and his wife, Mr. & Mrs. Masaki & Nobuko Sakai.

Dance performed by Pohnpeian girls

Farewell Flag presented by Japanese delegation

Farewell Flag presented by Pohnpeian delegation

Farewell speech by a Japanese participant

Farewell speech by a Pohnpeian participant