Emperor’s Birthday Reception

   On November 17th, Ambassador Horie and his wife hosted the Emperor’s Birthday Reception at their official residence, and more than  80 guests including dignitaries from National and State governments and legislatures such as vice-president of FSM, diplomatic corps, representatives of NGOs and private businesses and Japanese residents attended the reception.
   Ambassador Horie, in his speech, congratulated the 30th anniversary of the independence of FSM this year, and mentioned that Japan and FSM would have 30th diplomatic relationship in 2018. He stressed that during those years, two nations had been enjoying very friendly and close bilateral relations in various sectors such as fisheries, economic cooperation, trade, investment, tourism, culture, and academics. He also expressed his deepest gratitude to the Government and people of the FSM for their friendship and cooperation extended to Japan, hoping that the bilateral relations would be strengthened and expanded further in the coming years. 
    Ambassador also introduced a song called “GAMBARE, KOSRAE“ which Ambassador Horie and his wife were welcomed with at their first visit of Kosrae.  “Gambare” is one of the Japanese vocabularies commonly used by people in FSM, meaning “cheer up” “don’t give up” or “keep it up”. The Gambare song was performed by Ambassador, Madam and guests from Kosrae accompanying with the ukulele played by Mr. Abraham, President of JICA Alumni Association in FSM. Guests at the reception joined them by singing and clapping their hands and greatly enjoyed the performance.
   Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs Samson Pretrick conveyed his congratulations on Emperor’s Birthday, and extended appreciation to Japan’s cooperation and friendly relationship in various fields.
   After the toasts, dinner and dessert prepared by Mr. Fukudome, Japanese chef of the Ambassador’s residence were served and enjoyed well by the guests together with Japanese sake and wines.
   H.M. Emperor Akihito is the 125th Emperor of Japan, and he acceded the throne on January 7th, 1989 upon the demise of H.M. Emperor Hirohito. H.M. Emperor will turn 83 on December 23rd.

Japanese sake introduced at the reception

Japanese wine introduced at the reception

Ambassador Horie giving a speech

Guests at the reception

Deputy Sec. Pretrick giving a speech

Guests at the Reception (From Left: US Charge d’Affaires ad interim Cummings, Mrs. Pretrick, Vice Sec. Pretrick, Australian Ambassador Fraser, Mrs. Fraser)

Japanese rice and food served at dinner

“GAMBARE, KOSRAE“ sang by (From Left)Madam Horie, Mrs. Martin, Vice President George, Mr. Abraham, Sec. Kephas and Ambassador