Visit by Students of Konan City to Ambassador Horie

   On August 22, 10 junior high school students from Konan City, Aichi Prefecture visited the Embassy and paid courtesy call to Ambassador Horie.

   The students met local residents and students in Pohnpei and exchanged their dances and cultures. They also visited Nan Madol and island of Nahlap and experienced the unique history and great nature of Micronesia. They performed their original dance and national anthem of Micronesia to Ambassador Horie, which were also shared with the local people they visited during the program.

   The student exchange program between Konan City and Micronesia started after Aichi EXPO in 2005 with the aim of further strengthening the relationship and friendship between the two. Through this program, many students from Micronesia has visited Kohan City as well.
   The students are going back to Japan on August 26 after 6 days of program.

Ambassador Horie answering questions from students

Ambassador Horie and Junior High School Students from Konan City