Visit by Student of Japanese Language Program to Ambassador Horie

On September 26, Ms. Diana Helgenberger, a recipient of Japanese Language Program for Overseas Students 2016, visited the Embassy and paid courtesy call to Ambassador Horie.

             From September 8th to 20th, Ms. Helgenberger visited Kyoto, Nara and Osaka and experienced unique Japanese culture including visiting Japanese homes, learning direct of Kansai (west side of Japan) and studying at library. She also joined summer festival wearing Yukata (Japanese traditional summer clothes) and practiced Taiko (Japanese traditional drum). She was excited to tell Ambassador Horie how the program gave her such a special opportunity to learn Japan, showing plenty of pictures she took during her stay in Japan.

             Japanese language Program for Overseas Students is offered by the Japan Foundation and the program is intended to offer FSM students with outstanding Japanese language skills an opportunity to visit Japan so as to deepen their knowledge about the language and its culture. The detail of this program and the schedule for the examination is available at homepage at Embassy of Japan in April every year.