Ambassador Visited Kosrae

   Ambassador Horie visited Kosrae from November 4th to 8th.
   Ambassador and his wife attended 10th anniversary ceremony of JAA-FSM’s establishment (JICA Alumni Association of Federated State of Micronesia) on November 5th 2016. Mr. Abraham, the president of JAA-FSM and other members attended the ceremony.
    Ambassador Horie paid courtesy calls to Lt. Governor Carson Sigrah and Vice Speker Robert Taulung on November 7th, and later visited projects sites funded by the Embassy of Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects, inspected heavy equipment also donated by Japanese Government and received progress reports from the projects leaders. In the evening, Governor Lyndon Jackson held a dinner reception for Ambassador Horie and they exchanged views on various issues.
   On November 8th, Ambassador Horie visited Kosrae High School where he was welcomed by the students who sang a song entitled “Gambare Kosrae”. The lyrics of the song included the Japanese word, “Gambare” which means “Cheer up”, “Don’t give up” or “Keep it up” in Japanese. Six students who sang the song will visit Japan to participate High School Students Summit on “World Tsunami Awareness Day” from November 25th. The summit will be held in Kochi and Miyagi Prefecture, which was severely affected by large-scale earthquakes and tsunami in 2011, and the “Gambare” song will be presented by the Kosrae High School students to local people in Miyagi. 

10th Anniversary ceremony of JAA-FSM

Dinner with Governor Lyndon Jackson (From Right: Governor Jackson, Ambassador Horie and Madam Horie)

Ambassador Horie with Students at Kosrae High School