Ambassador Sakai accompanied President Christian in his visit to Ta of Mortlocks Islands of Chuuk State

     On October 30, Ambassador Sakai accompanied FSM President Mr. Peter Christian when the president visited Ta of Mortlocks Islands of Chuuk State on a small airplane from Pohnpei. Ta is one of the Satawan islands and it has population of around 300 and an elementary school, a church and a municipality office. President Christian visited Ta in order to examine the situation of airfield there. One of his policy priorities is to enhance transportaion infrastructure. Ta also suffered from Typhoon Maysack this spring and lost breadfruit trees and taro patches; these losses made residents worry food supply because it takes several years to revive taro patches. Residents also told the ambassador their anxiety over drought possibly caused by Elnino phenomina this year.

Children of Ta Welco,e President Christian and Ambassador Sakai with a song

(From Left)Mayor of Ta, Ambassador Sakai, President Christian

Elementry School and Municipal Office