Ambassador Sakai Courtesy Call on President Christian, Secretary Lorin Robert and Chief of Staff

On June 8, Ambassador Masaki Sakai accompanied by Deputy Chief of Mission Shingo Higashimoto and other Embassy staff paid a courtesy call on FSM President Peter Christian at the President’s Conference Room. President Christian opened the meeting by relaying his appreciation for the Embassy’s assistance during his trip to the PALM 7 Summit. Ambassador Sakai made a small presentation on the “Kizuna” or bonds of friendship between the FSM & Japan and discussed the future plans of Japanese assistance to the FSM. Both sides agreed that all the states are in dire need of assistance with projects for road improvement and President emphasized that it is one of his top priorities. There was some discussion on the areas of fisheries including a successful joint venture between two countries. Both sides look forward to having further discussion on variety of areas. President Christian was accompanied by Secretary Lorin Robert and Chief of Staff Leo Falcam Jr.

(From Left) Chief of Sraff Falcom, President Christian, Secretary Robert, Ambassador Sakai, DCM Higashimoto

President Christian (Left), Ambassador Sakai (Right)