New Japanese Investments to Fisheries Development of the FSM

~Joining of 2 purse seiners to Taiyo Micronesia Corporation~

April 16, 2015 

TMC (Taiyo Micronesia Corporation)is a joint venture company between a Japanese fishing company, Taiyo A&F Corporation, and the NFC (National Fisheries Corporation) of the FSM.
TMC, which was established in 2012, started with 2 purse seiners, Taiyo Pohnpei & Taiyo Chuuk, and has now acquired 2 newcomers on April 16,Taiyo Waab & Nippon FSM. Those vessels are named after the FSM and 3 States.
TMC has contributed to the fisheries development of the FSM and stimulated national and local economy: TMC has continued to pay dividends and create employment opportunities with each vessels hiring 20~30 crew including Mirconesians and demands for water, foods, port facilities, port navigators among other things.
TMC continues to work to the benefits of the FSM in the years to come. 

(Ceremony for celebrating the first voyage of 2 new coming vessels, April 16)

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○Data on 2 newcomer vessels
Old name 75 Hyabusa-maru Nippon-maru
Year of build 2000 2006
Country of built Japan Japan
The port of registry Pohnpei Pohnpei
Class of ship KR KR
Gross Tonnage 1,096t 1,829t
Length (over all) 65.02m 75.97m
Breadth(moulded) 12.00m 13.40m
Depth(moulded) 7.25m 7.50m
Complements 28 32
Fish Hold 932.60 1,365.34
Main engine Hanshin Diesel
2,206Kw (3,000PS)
2,647Kw (3,600PS)