Masaoka Society visits Ambassador Sakai

On March 18, Mr. Toru Masaoka and Mr. Koichi Masaoka from Osaka, Japan visited Ambassador Sakai with Mr. Ieske Iehsi and Mr. Simao Nampei at the Embassy of Japan. During their stay in Pohnpei, they met Mr. Iehsi and Mr. Nanpei whose grandfathers names are Masaoka by chance.
“Masaoka Society” is organized by Masaoka families in Japan and hoping to bond with people who are related to Masaoka in Pohnpei.
Lasting friendship between Masaoka families here in Pohnpei is anticipated.

Mr. Koichi Masaoka, Mr. Toru Masaoka, Ambassador Sakai, Mr. Simao Nanpei, Mr. Ieske Iehsi