Project for Improving Pig Production in Nel Village, Yap

 On March 28, 2011,under Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects, Nel Village of Yap, through collaboration between the Cooperative Research and Extension of College of Micronesia (CRE/COM-FSM) and the Embassy of Japan, was granted a project in the amount of 53,000USD for the “Project for Improving Pig Production in Nel Village”. On March 5, 2015,the project was finally completed and handed over to CRE/COM-FSM.

Efforts for this project had been on-going for a while and both parties were very glad to finally reach the final stage. The idea of this project is to increase pig production to enable villagers to gain stable sources of income, reduce their vulnerability to poverty,moreover, it will stimulate economic development in Nel Village. CRE/COM-FSM will provide training for the farmers and also yield the funds as they deem necessary.

Present at the handing over ceremony were Mr. Steven Young-Uhk, State Coordinator of CRE/COM-FSM, Mr. Steven Kugufas on behalf of Nel Village, Japanese Ambassador Masaki Sakai and citizens of Nel village.

Pigpen donated through GGP fund and attendees of the ceremony