Primary Health Care Mobile Car Project

 The project for Health Care Mobile Clinic Car was signed over to Division of Primary Health Care, Department of Health Services, Pohnpei State on March 5, 2015 through Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects Scheme and the ceremony was held at Pohnpei State Hospital. The project will purchase a Mobile Clinic Car to Division of Primary Health Care to support efforts in providing health care to the school students in Pohnpei. The amount of the grant was 23,553.

The objective of the usage of this vehicle is to extend the needed health care to the school students that are unable to come to the hospital due to remoteness of their locations. The project aims to optimize the health status of the people of Pohnpei State through comprehensive, preventable health care methods and to ensure the normal, ongoing development and health of elementary school children and refer any children with health deficits.

At the ceremony,Counselor Shingo Higashimoto presented his remarks hoping that the procurement of this vehicle will further healthcare in Pohnpei state to reach the remote parts of Pohnpei so that all citizens, most especially the children, can receive needed health care. Chief of Division of Primary Health Care, Dr. Eliaser Johnson express his gratitude for the tremendous fund. He stated that this mobile clinic will upgrade assistance to the Departments efforts of bringing better health care to the children of Pohnpei.

And Mr. Santos as an Acting Director in his remarks had solid determination of the Department of Health Service to bring its ability to full play to keep the Mobile Clinic Car in best condition for always ready anytime, with looking upon the car as friendship bond between two countries. 

Present at the ceremony were Acting Director Edgar Santos, Department of Health Services, Pohnpei State and staff of the Hospital and the Embassy of Japan.

Chief Johnson and Counselor Higashimoto signing grant contract

A picture is displayed.

A picture is displayed.

Acting Director Santos giving a speech

Chief Johnson giving a speech

Counselor Higashimoto giving a speech