Embassy of Japan holds 2nd Japan Week

Once again, the Embassy of Japan held ‘Japan Week’ from October 21st -26th 2014, combining “Japan Film Festival” and the “Japan Festival”. The Japan Film Festival was held at the Pohnpei Cinemas and showed 7 Japanese films with English subtitles. The films were a hit for the audiences and the venue was continuously packed garnering more than a thousand viewers in this 5-day event this year.

The Japan Festival, held on October 26th was at the COM-FSM Pohnpei campus gymnasium. Japan’s Ambassador Masaki Sakai gave his remarks in Pohnpeian language much to the delight of the audience and mentioned that the purpose of the Festival was to introduce to the FSM people Japanese culture.

The highlights of the Festival was a song by Japanese Language students from COM-FSM and JICA, the Sohran Bushi dance performed by Kolonia Elementary students, and Karate (Japanese Martial Arts) demonstrated by Ms. Hanae Shimizu who is a Japanese student attending COM-FSM. The choir was led by Ms. Akiko Kamikubo who is a Japanese Language instructor at the College of Micronesia-FSM. The song was written by professional Japanese song writers as encouragement for the people affected by the Tohoku earthquake. Three of the students presented a narration of the song in English, Pohnpeian, and Japanese. The Kolonia students had been practicing the dance for 2 months and their presentation was very enjoyable. Sohran Bushi is a dance taught in most schools in Japan and depicts the way of fishing in Japan.

After the main program, the audience was welcomed to enjoy the various booths prepared by the Japan Embassy, Japanese expatriate, especially Japan Club in Pohnpei, and members of JICA. The events concluded in success and it certainly enhances Japan’s kizuna or bonds of friendship with the FSM. 

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