School Buses to Chuuk High School Students

Chuuk High School received a grant amount of $104, 287 through Japan’s Grassroots Human Security Projects for the procurement of 2 school buses

On February this year, this project was initially signed over to Chuuk High School and on September 17 the project was finally kicked off.

Following Chuuk High School’s report that a large portion of students walk to school and on rainy days don’t attend school at all due to transportation problems. On worst days, classes are cancelled due to low student attendance.

Ambassador Masaki Sakai who was recently appointed as Japan’s Ambassador to the FSM this year, handed over the project and it was received by Mr. Paul Hadik, Principal of Chuuk High School.

The ceremony was witnessed by distinguished members of Chuuk State Government and school staff.               

School Bus funded through GGP and Ambassador Sakai (left), Principal Hadik (right)