A Mobile Clinic for Chuuk State Hospital

In further support of the development and improvement of FSM and its 5 governments, Chuuk State Public Health received a grant amount of $25,470 through Japan’s Grassroots Human Security Projects for the procurement of a mobile clinic vehicle and basic medical equipment to support the Chuuk Hospital’s efforts to expand health care to the remote areas on Weno, Chuuk State. The funding for this project was realized last year on September 7, 2013. On September 17, 2014, Ambassador of Japan to the FSM Masaki Sakai was in Chuuk as the representative to officially hand over the vehicle and medical equipment.

The objectives for this project was to extend needed health care to the people in remote areas of Chuuk and to improve statistical data that stated Chuuk Hospital’s low coverage on child immunization and NCDs being the leading cause of death in Chuuk.

Remarks were given from Ambassador Sakai stating Japanese Government’s continued support for strengthening ties of friendship not only through grant aid assistance but also the people to people exchanges b/w two countries and in response, Mr. Julio Marar, Director of Department of Health Services, Chuuk State also gave his remarks on behalf of Chuuk State.

The ceremony was witnessed by distinguished members of Chuuk State Government and Hospital staff. 

Mobile Clinic Car funded through GGP and Attendees of the Ceremony