Japan Grants Surgical Equipment to Pohnpei State Hospital

The Project for Procuring Surgical and Emergency Surgical Equipment was signed over to Pohnpei State Hospital on September 4, 2014 through Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects and the ceremony was held at Pohnpei State Hospital. Pohnpei State will benefit greatly through this project by upgrading the quality of health care, increasing the number of outpatients and inpatients. This project will provide $89, 475 for the Hospital.

The hospital hopes that in receiving these equipment, Pohnpei State will have fulfilled its role as the principal referral Hospital and improve its performance as a leading hospital in the FSM. The project also aims to replace the present broken/obsolete medical equipment.

Ambassador Masaki Sakai, presented his remarks hoping that granted equipment contributes to enhancing medical service and hope the equipment’s will serve to make these objectives a reality. Ambassador also reaffirms the commitment to contributing to foster and maintain the strong bonds of friendship through the improvement of healthcare in the FSM and other sectors. Director of Department of Health Services, Pohnpei StateMr.Paulino Rosalio acknowledged Ambassador for the generous grant and ensured that they would treat equipments properly and utilize to promote more effective use of them properly. 

Present at the ceremony were staff of the Hospital and the Embassy of Japan. 

Mr. Rosario, Director of Health Services (right) and Ambassador Sakai (left)

An operation room where donated equipment will be used.