2014 Japan Foundation Participant pays Courtesy Call on Ambassador Sakai

Ms. Cassandra Hairens, the 2014 participant of the Japanese-language program hosted by The Japan Foundation paid a courtesy call on Ambassador Sakai on August 15, 2014. She is scheduled to leave on the 26th of this month and will be in Osaka Prefecture for the next two weeks. This program will offer her a chance to learn more about the language and culture of Japan. Throughout her stay she will be paying a home visit for one night and will be given opportunities to visit Kyoto and Hiroshima areas of Japan.

During the visit, Ambassador Sakai said that he hopes that this trip acts as a springboard to further develop her knowledge of the Japanese language. Ms. Hairens thanked the Ambassador and said that she had prepared for this trip since she first heard that she was accepted to the Program.

(left) Ambassador Sakai (right) Ms.Cassandra Hariens