Signing Ceremony for Farming Project in Kosrae State

On July 30th, Ambassador Eiichi Suzuki and Mr. Steven George, the Director of the Department of Resources and Economic Affairs (DREA) signed a grant contract for “The Project for Assistance to Agricultural Development in Kosrae State” in which Japan donates two Excavators and one Loader Truck for rental service for farmers and constructions for farm roads and drainage, in the amount of $120,490 USD. The project is to improve and expand farming and provide the proper equipment urgently needed by local farmers. 

The Project aims to deal with Agriculture in Kosrae as it plays a major role in their economic development, health issues, and food security. Ambassador Suzuki mentioned in his remarks “Stable development of agriculture will improve economic strength and people’s health.” Ambassador Suzukialso pointed out how the use of heavy equipments would easily rust without appropriate maintenance therefore he explained how necessary it is for all the participants to do their parts. Governor Jackson expressed his sincere gratitude toward Japan's assistance for economic development, and wished these heavy equipments will help Kosrae's agriculture to prosper.

Witnessing the signing ceremony was Governor Lyndon Jackson, Lt. Governor Carson Sigrah and Mr. Witson Phillip, President of Kosrae Chamber of Commerce. 

Ambassador Suzuki and Mr. Steven George

Speech by Governor Jackson

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