FSM receives Non-Project Grant Aid from Japan Government

The Government of Japan through the Embassy of Japan provided to the FSM Government a Non Project Grant Aid (NPGA) for approximately 3.1 million USD worth of heavy equipment specifically, 10 wheel loaders and 10 excavators.

This Non Project Grant Aid was initially signed over to the FSM Government on February 22, 2012 and it was among funds allocated immediately following its acceptance in the Japan Diet. The Government of Japan provides that this second NPGA will help to promote FSM’s economic growth and social development.

The distinctive products provided in this grant were made and manufactured by companies in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck Japan in 2011 and by donating the items it also served to support the progress of recovery by the people and areas most affected by the disaster.

On June 20, 2013, the FSM National Government with Pohnpei State Government held a joint ceremony outside the Pohnpei State Central Building with FSM Foreign Affairs Secretary Lorin Robert receiving the heavy equipments on behalf of the National Government and Governor John Ehsa accepting for Pohnpei State Government. The governments of Kosrae, Yap, and Chuuk had already held similar ceremonies and had been officially presented with their portions of this grant.

In his remarks, Ambassador of Japan to the FSM, H.E Eiichi Suzuki conveyed that the Government of Japan supports the efforts made by the FSM to improve its infrastructure and persist towards further strengthening its economy as well as protecting itself against the daunting effects of climate change.

Secretary Robert remarked that he can still recall the events of the horrendous triple disaster that struck Japan and noted that in less than 24 hours following the disaster, President Emanuel Mori sent a letter of condolence. Secretary Robert added that the provisions of this grant are indeed special because “they are more than what they are” and that in these donations FSM and Japan continue to further solidify their bond of friendship.

Governor Ehsa also gave his remarks of appreciation to the Government of Japan for their great donation to the Pohnpei State Government and stated that Pohnpei reciprocate all the “goodwill” that Japan has given and made assurances that the equipments will be used to their fullest ability and maintained as well.

The 5 FSM governments have been recipients of several grant aid assistances from the Government of Japan over the years through the Embassy of Japan, and it gives testimony to the strong ties of friendship between the two nations. The ceremony was an overall success complete with a photo session subjecting the representative of the donor country and the official receivers. 

A pair of the 10 sets donated to the FSM

From left: Ltd Gov Marcelo Peterson; Hon. Lorin Robert- FSM Foreign Affairs; Ambassador Eiichi Suzuki- Embassy of Japan; Mr. Sado Martin- Pohnpei Transportation Authority, Pohnpei Governer John Ehsa; Hon. Francis Itimai- FSM TC&I