Yap State Signed Grant Contract with Japan Government

Yap State was granted a project through Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects in the amount $99,807 for the “Improvement of the Yap State Public Dump Site to a Sanitary, Fukuoka-design Landfill.” The main recipient of this project is the Yap State Government but the principle entity responsible for the project will be Yap State Environmental Protection Agency (Yap EPA) in collaboration with the Department of Public Works Transportation. Also a main contender in the realization of this Project is Japan Technical Cooperation Project for the Promotion of Regional Initiative on Solid Waste Management (J-PRISM) through JICA. 

The grant will provide construction for a disposal cell and leachate pond of their new publiclandfill. Yap State has come a long way, striving along with the rest of the world to tackle management of solid waste in their State and it has only been within the last few years withjoint efforts between the State government, including both semi-government and private entities.
Improvement of management of solid waste is very important to Yap state due to its current and potential threats to the health, people, economy, and environment of the State. The Fukuoka method, a method that was first adopted by Kosrae State, will also be used for this landfill.

The public landfill will benefit a large percentage of the population of Yap’s main island due to its close proximity to Colonia town area where majority of government buildings, businesses, public offices, and private establishments are located.

On behalf of the Yap State Government, Ms. Christina Giltinag Fillmed, Director of Yap EPA, signed the the Grant Contract with Ambassador Eiichi Suzuki representing the Japan Government, and also present was Mr. Yasutoshi Sagami, Project Formulation Adviser for JICA. The signing of the Contract was held on July 26, 2012 at the Embassy of Japan. 

Ambassador Suzuki and Ms. Filmed

Ambassador Suzuki, Ms.Filmed, and Mr. Sagami