The Handing-over Ceremony for The Project for Improvement of Solid Waste Management on Weno, Island, Chuuk State

The Handing-over Ceremony for "The Project for Improvement of Solid Waste Management on Weno, Island, Chuuk State" was held on July 20th, 2012 on Weno Island. Hachioji City of Tokyo and Toyokawa City of Aichi Prefecture donated two Garbage Collection Trucks and the grant was provided under the Grassroots Grant Aid from the Embassy of Japan to Chuuk EPA. Other items provided under this project were spare tires and spare parts.

The drivers and mechanics were given safety trainings and instructions on operation and maintenance of these trucks as a part of this project. This project aims to improve solid waste management as well as the garbage collection efforts by expanding garbage collection areas.

Mr. Takafumi Ura, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Japan remarked that he “hopes these trucks
will provide a further improvement of the waste management system on Weno Island.”Mr. Jason Poll, Acting director of Chuuk EPA emphasized his great appreciation for all the assistances towards the environmental sector in Chuuk from the Government of Japan.

It is expected that the project will provide an effective and efficient waste management system
on Weno Island by synergy effect with the past Grassroots Grant Aid for “The Project for the Improvement of Waste Management System on Weno Island, Chuuk State”, that donated Bull-dozers to EPA to build a new access road to the Dump Site. 

A picture is displayed.