Handover Ceremony for a Rescue Boat to Pohnpei Sate Public Safety

     On October 6, 2017, a handover ceremony for a rescue boat which was procured under the Japan’s Non-Project Grant Aid FY2014 was held at Pohnpei Sate Public Safety. The boat will be used for ocean patrol around Pohnpei State and lifesaving purposes.
     In his address, His Excellency Ryoichi Horie, Ambassador of Japan stated that public safety is important, and safety at the ocean is especially important for FSM, a nation surrounded by the ocean. Also, he expressed his hope that the boat will be a great contribution for lifesaving under emergency. Mr. Cantero, Director of Public Safety expressed his warm gratitude to the Embassy of Japan for the donation of the boat. The Hon. Marcelo Peterson, Governor of the Pohnpei State Government appreciated the variety of continued support of Japan to the FSM including technical assistance and providing equipment. He also emphasized that the provided boat will allow the staff at the department of public safety to facilitate the safety of the ocean.
     The ceremony was witnessed by the staff of Pohnpei state government, Department of public safety and Japan Embassy.

With provided the rescue boat (from left) Embassy staff Mr. Oda, Public Safety staff Mr. Zorro Donre, and Mr. Carl, Governor Peterson, Ambassador Horie, and Director of Public Safety Mr. Cantero